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Alcohol and Diabetes

Alcohol and diabetes usually don't go well together. The blood sugar can rise and fall if you consume alcohol. The questions always remain, is alcohol good or bad for one's health? Many studies have shown contradictory statements, some say it is good for health, others feel otherwise. As per a new research, it suggests that moderate levels of alcohol can help lower the risk of diabetes. However, binge drinking will not help the case. As per researchers, the quantity of alcohol is not what matters, but how often a person drinks alcohol plays the important role.

However, it is important that you should not start drinking just because you came to know about the benefits of alcohol. There is a very thin line between moderate and excess drinking of alcohol and very often it is difficult to tell when you are drinking more than you should.

Alcohol and Diabetes

As per a recent study conducted it was found that drinking alcohol three to four days a week can help lower the risk of diabetes. The risk of diabetes in people drinking alcohol less than a day in a week is high compared to people drinking three or four days a week. The study was also published in the journal Diabetologia. This has been established as per the reports that the frequency of the alcohol drinking can be associated with risk of diabetes. As per the researchers even if you take the average weekly alcohol consumption it has been established that drinking alcohol three to four days a week can be associated with a very low risk of diabetes.

In another such study, the team went through the data of more than 76000 adults. These people were part of the Danish health examination survey. As per the details shared by them, the team studied their drinking habit. They took into account the amount and how often they drank alcohol. Also, what the team considered was the type of alcohol that was consumed. After an in-depth study, the researchers tried to establish if the people who participated in the study developed diabetes. The results were made public and it was found that the team could not distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. In Adults type 2 diabetes is more common and likely to happen when compared to type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes usually develops in the childhood. The study went on for almost 5 years and at this time it was found that around 850 men and 890 women developed diabetes. In men who drink alcohol four to five days per week, it was found that the risk of diabetes is almost 27 percent lower and in women, it is 32 percent lower compared to their counterparts who drink once per week. Similarly, the amount of alcohol also plays an important role. Men who have 14 drinks per week have a 41 percent lower chance of diabetes when compared to someone who does not drink. In women, it is 58 percent lower for those who have up to 9 drinks per week.

Most of the people who were part of this study shared the details themselves hence the chances of it being correct is less.