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Scientific approach to impotence:

Gross inability for an individual to respond to sensual stimuli by erection of the penis and adapt to the physical state of mating is what specialists refer as impotence or simply ED. An impotent person might achieve slight erections sometimes but not powerful enough to be appropriate for sustainable physical erection of the normal duration. The disease of impotence has become a common evil in the adult community of 21st generation as evident from gradually depleting "green", natural and environment friendly nutritional and medicinal measures.

Related Structures and general causes:

The structure of the male genital organ is designed to get itself filled with the inrush of blood all over from the rest of the body and assume a taut, tight and erect posture as a natural consequence of the sensory and sexual stimuli applied before erection. Corpora cavernosa of the penis are sponge like structures that have enriched blood supply, which are the primary erection causing anatomical structures. Whenever a nerve supply in the sensual pathway of erection is damaged or any psychological factor intervenes with the natural erection process, the penis fails to achieve erection leading to IMPOTENCE. Not to mention the physical anomalies or surgical causes that could drastically affect the penile erection as an important cause.

Physical ED:

It is often very difficult to differentiate and diagnose psychological cause of impotence from the impotence caused by drugs or determine if it is the combination of the two. The physical impotence could be a consequence of surgery, direct trauma and drugs such as anti-depressants. Co-existing physical disorders of blood such as diabetes and hypertension are categorized as other physical reasons of impotence. Physical impotence is, usually, a long-term disorder that could be cured directly by proper medication and surgery. Alcohol, cigarette smoke and other estrogen like chemicals deprive the blood of its natural consistency uprooting impotence and reduced penile erection.

Psychological ED:

On the contrary, Psychological impotence does not show any physical anomalies and the disorder develops rapidly often due to emotional trauma in which situation the suffering individual might gain erection as in the case of morning erections. Specialists enlist anxiety as the major contributor to impotence of psychological roots in which there is direct CNS mediated inhibition to the blood supply of penis. Most of the impotent people, over 85% of them, are characterized by depression that affects the sexual desire.