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Old Smokers, Migraines and Stroke risk

A latest research suggested that migraines can lead to the stroke cases for the old smokers. In this study, researcher looks after of about 1300 people who had headache problem with or without the aura with the average age of 68 years. Migraines with aura are explained as the symptoms appear just before the headache problem in the form of ringing in the ear or dazzling. Researcher followed the participants for about 11 years just to see that how much patients effected by the stroke or heart attack. It is also noted that smokers is too much affected due to this disease and have high risk of the stroke. This study is only the explanation of the connection between the smoking habit and the stroke problem and it does not explain the cause and effects. Dr. Teshamae Monteith said, it is not good to roll out statistically that the stroke and the migraines relation with the smoking is due to the chance, however many of the studies have consistency with the other studies.

She added that our research is too much enough to ensure the migraines problem have a keen connection with the smoking habit and patients should stop smoking to avoid this pain. The latest investigation found that smoking is too much dangerous habit for the migraines patients but previous studies in this topic reveled that women of 45 years old or less had the serious effect such as stroke due to this problem whether they had smoking habit or not, Monteith concluded.