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The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Health

Alcohol and drugs can have an effect on one's health. People are drawn into alcohol because of various reasons. Some people just want to relax with a drink at hand after a long day. There are some who drink to relieve stress and some to loosen up and have fun. It effects on health and fitness may be direct or indirect, on and off the field. It is imperative that athletes or anyone planning in doing physical exercise not consume any alcohol for a significant period before and after their work out sessions. The following are the effects of alcohol on health.

Alcohol decreases the focus and concentration of an athlete who is working out. This can severely affect exercises and performance thus one's body is not worked out effectively. It reduces the synthesis of protein by the body. Protein is very important as it is used in the making of muscles in the body. This mean that as one works out, the body is unable to build muscles and have one achieve their goals such as body building. Alcohol should be taken in very small quantities if any at all.

Drugs and alcohol also have the effect of hormonal interference which affects growth hormones. It interferes with one's sleep pattern. Sleep is very important for health. The brain, like muscles gets tired after much activity and it is through sleep that it rejuvenates itself. Disruption of one's sleep pattern is destructive as one will be mentally exhausted to exercise. This will lead to lack of concentration and thus work out sessions cannot be effective. Party drugs such as ecstasy interfere with the body's temperature which may disrupt its homeostatic functioning leading to complications. There are many direct diseases that emerge from drugs and alcohol such as liver cirrhosis. Having a disease means that one is in no condition to train or exercise and may reverse one's progress. Cigarettes interfere with one's respiratory system which is the direct opposite of cardiovascular exercises.

One's mental health are also adversely affected by drugs and alcohol. For instance, alcohol has been found to reduce one's memory. This means that one cannot remember effective techniques to use in work out sessions or even dietary supplements one is using or their dosage. Drugs and alcohol diminish one's motivation to work out. One is thus likely to give up on their sessions and go back to being out of shape.

Commitment is absolutely vital in order to attain health and fitness and it is clear that the two cannot mix. Lastly one is likely to suffer through drug addiction and alcoholism. One cannot serve these two masters. Addiction is gradual and one finds them drinking all the time. It is thus imperative that one is not involves in alcohol and drugs because they are a great distraction and hold potential dangers as shown above. Health should be done exclusively and drugs and alcohol avoided.