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Its Time To Use Your Will and Fight

So finally you are able to face the truth for yourself? You have been denying that you were drinking everyday and over the last few months you have been drinking more than a few pegs. You believed that it helped you relax and you believed that you were under control. Now that you are into a serious relationship, it has hit you that you cannot jeopardize your future but are not able to stop reaching out to the glass in the evening. True, drinking as a habit does grow on us. We don't realize when we actually stopped enjoying started depending on it. It is the same story with every one. They feel good and wish to retain that feel good factor all the time. We don't stop to think of what we are doing and what effects it is going to have on our lives. It effects our health, it effects our relationships, our family and in totally our lives.

You have got stop drinking habit before it claims your life. It isn't that difficult to do it once you are convinced that it is bad for you. Yes you need. You need medical help and you need support from your friends and family to stand by with you while you battle this out and come out a winner. It is a good idea also to join the Alcoholic anonymous and be a part of the network of people in similar situation as you are who can be a good support to each other.

The doctors will run you through a battery of tests to determine your body condition like liver function etc. There are some very affective medicines available that can help you get off alcohol. In fact the drug Antabuse is well known and effective drug that is prescribed by doctors to develop aversion in the person to alcohol. Mind you this does not cure your of alcoholism but when you are under medication and if you consume alcohol, then you end up with the most horrible handover along with other s symptoms like vomiting, splitting headache, hot flushes, breathlessness, palpitation etc. You will develop a healthy aversion to alcohol and decide never to drink again and to risk such horrible feeling and condition.

But then depending upon the severity of your condition you may be advised to go into rehabilitation if required and spend a couple of weeks at the clinic until you are completely cured of the habit and are able to live without touching alcohol.

Yes you do have a lot of options to work with to kick your habit. But one fundamental truth is that until and unless you have the will to overcome your weakness no external aid is of any help. You have got to internalize the fact that you are addicted to alcohol and you have got to save yourself. When this realization hits home is when you will be able to rouse your will power and overthrow the habit.

Remember man has indomitable will power that can do the impossible and winning over an alcoholic problem is nothing too big for you.