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Awareness Of Medical Issues Helps

When it comes to health awareness, women tend to be a lot more aware when compared to men. The reason for this could be due to the fact that women undergo biological processes making them more exposed to health issues and besides the role of playing a mother and nurturing children and raising a family demands that they be aware of nutrition and health management.

However, thanks to the social media as well as the visual media and the advancement in hospital management and medical sciences, the general awareness about lifestyle diseases and health management has increased in most of the urban families.

Men are aware of the need to balance their habits of indulging in alcohol, controlling their diet especially of intake of meat and the need for regular exercise and physically active life in order to keep the diseases like diabetes and hypertension as well as other ailments at bay.

Apart from the generally known ailments, men are prone to few sudden occurrences that can throw them off guard. Many men who are physically active and leading a healthy life do find themselves with acute pain in the kidney and such pain attack can de capacitate them. If a man were to be travelling or on tour and were to suffer from acute kidney pain, he would find it difficult to manage. Such sudden pain is usually caused due to the presence of kidney stones.

Kidney stones as the name suggests are the stones that are formed by the concentration of calcium, oxalate and phosphate concentrates in the kidney. The concentrates turn hard as stones over a period of time and cause pain when they pass through the urethra resulting in blockage of urine. The pain can be from dull to severe in magnitude. Besides the kidney pain, one can suffer from lower back pain as well as vomiting and nausea too. In early stages it is quite common to find a dull pain which comes and goes without being noticed generally. However in cases where there is an infection, the individual could develop chills and fever along with severe pain and would require hospitalization and immediate medical attention.

Men are generally prone to kidney stone as compared to women. Though there is no single factor that is responsible for causing kidney stones to be formed, the general lifestyle is said to trigger kidney stone formations. The treatment for this condition can vary from simple home remedies to surgical removal of kidney stones depending upon the severity of the condition. Plenty of fluid intakes can generally help dissolve and pass out through the urine. Doctors usually prescribe OTC drugs including anti inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen to manage the pain and infection. In cases the stones are larger than 8mm in size and do not pass out through the urinary tract, doctors recommend Lithotripsy which is a procedure that sends shock waves to break up the kidney stones into smaller pieces so that they can pass through the urinary tract. Depending upon the severity of the case, doctors also resort to surgical removal with the help of ureteroscope.

We believe that with the general increase of awareness of the medical ailments as above, people can reach out and help those that are suffering and not knowing what to do.