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Can A Pregnancy Test Be Affected By Alcohol Or Drugs?

Many people want to know whether or not outside factors can influence the outcome of a pregnancy test. Am I going to have a different result if I am under a particular medication? What if I have just taken a few pints of wine, will my pregnancy test be in jeopardy? These are some of the questions that make women wonder if what they will get after a test will be conclusive.

Pregnancy Test

Will alcohol affect my pregnancy test?

The answer to this question is no. Alcohol has nothing to do with the outcome of your test. So if you have been wondering whether your recent consumption of alcohol had an effect on your pregnancy, then you are mistaken. The amount of alcohol in your bloodstream does not affect the way the pregnancy test works. The test only focuses on the level of the hCG hormone in your urine.

Keep in mind also that alcohol consumption will not alter the level of the hormone produced should you be pregnant. It is also important to bear in mind that the hCG hormone will be generated after about a week or so. After that, its levels will double after three days or so. This tells you that the right time to have your home pregnancy test is later on after you have missed your period.

The pregnancy will be affected

The fact that alcohol will not affect your pregnancy does not imply that it will not affect your pregnancy. This, however, has something to do with the amount of alcohol that you consume. After realizing that you are pregnant, it is required that you stop drinking alcohol to avoid harming your unborn baby. Failure to do this will put the baby at the risk of developing many complications caused by fetal alcohol syndrome. These include low birth weight, premature labor among other defects.

What if I am taking drugs?

Any drug, whether legal or illegal will not have any impact on your pregnancy test. That is however not a free out of jail card to use the illegal drugs. While they will not affect your pregnancy test, you can be sure that the effects are way worse you will not want to touch any of the illegal stuff. So if you are wondering if your prescription will have an impact on the result you get, know that it will not. It is important however to note that some of the prescriptions may affect the result you get using the at-home tests. It is proper that you discuss this with your doctor.

The effect of fertility drugs

Some women use fertility drugs to increase their chances of getting pregnant. This method has been used as a remedy for women of many ages including those older than 35 years. When under this medication, your doctor will discuss the effects it may have on the urine pregnancy tests carried out at home. The reason for this is that the medicine uses the hCG hormone to stimulate the production of ova. When detected in the urine even before pregnancy will give a false positive result.