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A Drug Acknowledged that can Cure that Probable Brain Damage as Caused by Alcohol

Consumption of regular and much quantity of alcohol has a damaging impact on brain cells and prolonged alcohol abuses can elicit neurogenic deficits in brain.

But, now the researchers in Queensland University of Technology claimed that they have acknowledged a medication that could possibly help our brains to reboot and upturn the detrimental impacts of heavy alcohol ingestion on renewal of brain cells caused by chronic alcoholism.

In a recent study published in 2018, Scientific Reports the Article number: 2099 in the Volume 8, the researchers of QUT shown that they have exercised an experiment on adult mice by 15 weeks of binge-like forced alcohol ingestion to them. Then the same adult mice were treated with the drug Tandospirone for two weeks daily. The treatment upturned the detrimental effects of alcohol and helped to gain the ability of brain on neurogenesis that grow and replaced neurons or brain cells.

It is for the first time such research has been done with Tandospirone on deficit in brain neurogenesis induced by habitual and heavy alcohol consumption and shown that Tandospirone can act selectively on a serotonin receptor (5-HT1A) upturn.

Apart from the upturn effectiveness it is also found by the researchers that the drug has effectively stopped the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol like anxiety etc. on the addicted mice. Application of Tandospirone has also significantly decreased the binge-like alcohol intake in mice as it is claimed in the said research paper.

The neuroscientist and the study leader of the said research team, Professor Selena Bartlett who is based at the Translational Research Institute told that the discovery of this drug is a novel one in order to treat the deficit in neurogenesis caused by alcohol.


Prof. Bartlett also said that it was known to the scientists that habit of heavy intake of alcohol regularly inhibits the ability of growing new neurons, brain cells. Especially alcohol is most damaging for neurons. While other studies done on the mice proved that Tandospirone can improve brain neurogenesis but this is for the first time it is proved that it has also the capacity of reversing the neurogenic deficits totally if induced by alcohol. He mentioned that these findings opened up a new horizon of further research on neurogenesis if it is associated with other substance-abuse deficits in learning and memory etc. to find whether this elementary compound can upturn it.

It was a serendipitous outcome of the study by the co-authors and postdoctoral research fellows of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Dr Arnauld Belmer and Dr Omkar Patkar and then the research started in a different direction - said Professor Bartlett.

Dr. Belmer opinionated that the discovery of drug was surprising and well tolerated as it triggers limited side effects.

It is told by Prof. Barlett that the research team was searching for a new way of treatment for alcohol addicted people mainly associated with prolonged periods of heavy use of alcohol, abstinence and binges followed by relapsing behavioural disorder like anxiety and depression etc. She also said that Tandospirone is not just an introduction of new drug to reduce binge drinking but this discovery will be helpful to reboot the brain cells and upturn the deficits caused by alcohol-abuse. This broad spectrum drug might be effective to regenerate the brain's ability to regenerate brains cells and consequently decrease behavioural abnormality like anxiety and depression caused by huge and habitual consumption of alcohol.