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Substance Abusing Problem In Men

Abusing Problem In Men

Drinking problem is now very common in men and rapidly increasing in women as well. There are many reasons which tend the men to have such a drinking habit. As environment produce too much affects on the man habit and if a man spend his more time with some drink addicted fellows that he might be trap in this condition. Similarly jealousy is also the main reason which is responsible for such condition. When a man losses such a thing which is too much important then he might suffer from substance abusing problem. If a person goes out for spending too much relax time but there is still need of some pain killer for relaxing the mood. In this condition person may suffering from some substance abusing and need to worry because it might be the problem with alcoholism. The drug addiction and alcoholism occur when a man’s body and brain loss the control and adapted the substance on frequent basis for relaxing the body and brain. Man’s mind and body become too much dependent on that substance and steadily this tolerance level increase, high amount of the substance required for keeping the control. Man should concentrate that how much he is using alcohol on regular basis as compare to the moderate level. Moderate level is defined as a 2 drinks in a single day. This one drink strength is equal to the 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits. In this way man can also recognize the problem with alcoholism that how much alcohol is require a person. If the demand of alcohol is increasing day by day then it is definitely an addiction of drug and alcoholism. Similarly some persons continue the use of alcohol and drug despite of suffering from their side effects. It is the symbolic representation of drug abusing and it may affect the family members and cause health issues. Drug addictions and alcoholism produce very serious side effects which a addicted person can recognize. More over you can ask these questions if he is not ready to accept these causes. Questions are as follows: would you like to cut down yourself by using such substances? Do you want to receive any kind criticism from your love one due to such substances? Have you never be ashamed on this act? If man’s answer is YES at any of one question then drug abusing is too confirmed but it will be alcoholism and addiction if man says YES more than once. Contact to your doctor after recognizing it and make a treatment plan. Many of the facilities and programs have been introduced for treatment of such problems. Behavior therapy, types of counseling and detoxification may help the drug addicted person to safely withdraw from the substance. To conquer on this habit is a difficult task and highly time consuming but man can get incomparable reward by right help. In short you can get your life back with this attitude.